The Oshu'gai

This one of the first renders that I started to do a lot of heavy compositing. I was quickly learning my computer's limits when it came to the amount of models I could have in one scene. I rendered in layers and then composited everything. I wished I had used different models for the background, but I had a limited amount of male figures at the time, so I had to use what I had available.

When I rendered this, I was just starting to flesh out a story for these characters. This was the original synopsis I used on my other galleries:

"The main character, Locke, lives in an old cursed manor that is outside of a village where the Ashiri live. He’s always gotten along with the Ashiri. Put up with their strange ways. He’s never participated in any of their rituals. When they require his assistance, he offers himself. His wife happens to be half Ashiri, which gets him more involved with his neighbors. Through her new neighbors, Ash learns more about the culture that was lost to her after her mother’s death. The scene depicts Ash (Aisling) participating in the Oshu’gai, a very old ritual that the Ashiri perform in the summer months. "

The sky was a stock photo from Pexels, that's either been removed or moved.

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