This accompanies my previous render, Arden. She is the female protagonist in the story. As I mentioned in my previous deviation, I was heavily inspired by Howl's Moving Castle when I came up the idea for the story I started many years ago. I knew that Kina, the protagonist, would go to live in a large manor, and there would be so much magic involved. I knew that her life was rather unconventional. That she had a talent for finding trouble. Unfortunate circumstances bring her to the Arcadium's doors, and once she enters, she becomes one of Arden's biggest headaches, but also one of the biggest curiosities to ever enter the school's doors, and perhaps, the archmagus's life.

Textures are a customized version of Victoria 8.1, as I hate that her skin had very little blemishes. I wanted her to have a few details just like Arden. I also messed around with the normal map, choosing some height as the pores in the original map just didn't look right (way too deep and looked quite unnatural. I did a lot of comparing to my own skin, skin in photos, etc). I added a few details, like birthmarks, faint scars, a mole on her eyelid, veins, and some skin discoloration.

GPU: RTX 2060
Logitech G600 Mouse, Huion Kamvas 13