The Verdant

This is an older story idea that's been knocking around in my head for a few years. I'm actually thinking of adapting this into something. . .I just have to do some storyboarding and get to know some software. Verdants are witches that have the power to make nature thrive, and are highly sought after because of their power. Famine can be avoided if one possesses a Verdant. Whenever one is found, bidding wars begin. . .and sometimes actual war. It's why many go into hiding, others never use their power, and a daring few take the Iron: the act of driving iron into the flesh to hinder their power.

I started working on this prior to New Year's and finished it a few days ago. I've been sitting on it while working on another render. The green spell effects were made in Flame Painter, then imported into Daz on planes with emissions added. The white/yellow spell effects were added later in Flame Painter, when I decided the spell could use a bit of illumination. Other than the illumination and some color adjustments, this didn't require a ton of post-work. I was very happy about that.

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Software used: Daz Studio 4.16 Pro, Pixeluvo, Flame Painter 4
GPU: RTX 2060
Logitech G600 Mouse, Huion Kamvas 13

A witch with the power to make nature thrive.

A witch with the power to make nature thrive.