Many many years ago, I was sitting in my grandmother's house, typing away on my laptop after reading Howl's Moving Castle. I'd just finished up a fantasy reading marathon, so my mind was brimming with ideas. And one of those ideas happened to be this guy. He's very stoic and serious. He takes his job very seriously as Archmagus of the Arcadium. He also became archmagus at a young age, far younger than his predecessors due to the sudden death of his mentor by a trusted ally. And to make this new life even more difficult to navigate, Arden has to face this new future without his twin brother. He still seeks answers about his brother's death. And why it seems magic is fading.

One of my more recent renders. Often, when I'm working on a story outline, I'll decide to render scenes to drop into folders. I don't do closeups very often, but decided to do one of my character, Arden, to drop in his profile folder. As usual, I got carried away and this ate up a lot more time they I anticipated.

I'm particularly happy with how his nails turned out. I used a different texture than the one I used on the skin and played around with the opacity. I then added some unevenness in post. His nails were too perfect.

GPU: RTX 2060
Logitech G600 Mouse, Huion Kamvas 13